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Murtha Solutions consists of three divisions simultaneously working together for parallel innovation with every division working as one entity instead of making each division a subsidiary. Murtha solutions is a fairly new company that was started with the idea that through innovation, creativity, efficiency, automation, top talent, best-practice, unique comprehensive processes, and fragmented phased careful strategic planning it is possible to be a jack of all trades. Murtha Solutions is rapidly growing and continues to reinvent the wheel with over 80 pending patents soon to be unveiled.

Murtha Solutions has three divisions are the Technology Division, The Real Estate Division, and the Global Sales Division. Each of these divisions were intertwined like wiring to build a sturdy, efficient, and completely automated infrastructure with a foundation to be able to support massive growth achieved after two years of straight planning before becoming operational without taking out any loans, securing investors, and maintaing 100% ownership.

Murtha Solutions has an intense passion for customer satisfaction and personal relationships with clients to maintain healthy recurring work while maintaining consistent quality to offer our customers peace of mind even at the point of taking a loss. We want to maintain your satisfaction and keep you smiling throughout the entire process from start to finish. Since our company is automated we can do more with less employees naturally driving us to very high standards in our hiring process to obtain and maintain top talent. We offer unique and generous benefits and incentives to our staff who naturally enjoy doing their best at all times which allows us to better serve you. Every job we accomplish adds more established innovation allowing us to even better serve you the next time!

Choose Us Because


Cost Savings, Cost Savings, and Cost Savings!

With our automated systems, top talent, best practice, unique processes, innovative quality, and efficiency you will naturally receive value above the competition.


Innovative Custom PRO Quality Value Projects!

We do intensive market research on our competetors to make sure your project has exceptional value and our bulk material aquisition from our established suppliers naturally allow us to pass the savings on to you!


Our Unique and Fun Creative Designs!

We are a company built on innovation, wired with efficiency, and have a labor force of intelligent creativity. We want to give you the best design because it is mutually beneficial!


Because we care!

Murtha Solutions was founded on Christian principles, ideals, and values. Our values can be seen in our interactions with you, our work, our employees, and in our community. We strongly promote recycling, install solar enegery, and also give to charity. You will experience a friendly smooth transition from start to finish with a smile because that is what is most important and the main reason you should choose us.

Information Technology

The Murtha Solutions Technology Division is our flagship division from which our innovation and efficiency stems. The automation and software from the Technology division is wired through our entire foundation and framework. This is a main factor in the cost savings, creative designs, and consistency seen in the Real Estate and Global Sales Division allowing us to offer engineered quality to save you money and offer value, innovation, and uniqueness in our work.

World Class IT Expertise

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Real Estate and Construction

The Real Estate Division plays a key part in our revenue and flows through the Technology division from our construction engineers contributing to our ever growing patent count and customer base. We have a full staff of talented contractors to offer unique creative solutions. All of our strategic locations are carefully sought out and handled by the Real Estate Division with our advertising partners allowing us to bring our innovation to new markets.

Top Talent Specialty Construction

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Global Sales and Marketing

The Global Sales Division is key to every financial aspect in our company. It allows the development and manufacturing our our exclusive proudcts, cost savings on materials, and expands our product base and overal sales. The materials for our construction projects, the hardware and software from the IT division, the production of our patented products, in fact every sale of any kind in Murtha Solutions is done through the global sales division company wide.

Our Desire to Keep You Satisfied!

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